Spring 2024

Innovation and Insurance 

Words by Corinne L. Casazza
Photos by Brynn Burns

Houses change—and so do your coverage needs—especially in the luxury market. Protect your biggest asset in this “unprecedented hard property market.”


hen homeowners Sas and Brandon Nott decided to move back to Kansas City, they began looking for a home that would fit their family’s lifestyle and feel welcoming for their guests. They found the perfect home in Reinhardt Estates, with an open floor plan and a layout perfect for their three children. While the house had great bones, the Notts wanted to make it their own with a clean, light, modern flair.

The remodel took one year and touched every room, floor and wall. The heart of the home—the kitchen—underwent the most change, reconfiguring the overall layout, flow and cooking surfaces. 

“We enjoy cooking and bringing people together,” Brandon says. “The kitchen island helps create a real sense of connection for people and makes it easy to host friends and family.”

The kitchen had been beige, green and brown with very dark wood. Sas chose very light gray walls, white cabinets and light quartz countertops for the island.

“Brightening the profile of the house makes it feel open and light and airy no matter what time of year it is,” she says.

Her favorite room in the house is the master bath. It was gutted and reconfigured to be more open and spacious, especially the footprint of the all-glass shower. It boasts a rain and steam shower, a marble floor and a chevron-patterned backsplash for texture. The new gray cabinetry has a lower profile, and heated flooring provides warmth during the colder months.

Sas teaches Pilates from her home studio, featuring two reformer machines and a view of the indoor-outdoor pool. With much of the house being automated with a Control4 Smart Home system, Sas can play music, watch TV and open or close the pool roof with the click of a button.

Additionally, their existing home theater got a total refresh. It was reconfigured and updated with new carpeting and fresh paint, as well as new audio and video equipment. 

“Technology changes a lot over the course of 10 years; updating the electronics makes it feel like you’re at an actual movie theater,” Brandon says.


Insurance and Renovation

The Notts were in Seattle while their house was being remodeled. From an insurance perspective, they had much to consider. 

“Our insurance needed to cover all the items being moved,” Sas says. Lockton and their insurance agent helped ensure they were covered during the renovation and moving process. “Lockton gave that personal touch and worked with us to make sure we were taken care of.” 

Kama Moseley, senior vice president of private risk solutions at Lockton, says every homeowner needs to inform their insurance carrier about a renovation. “The carrier has not agreed to insure a home that’s under construction. If they aren’t aware it’s being renovated, and you need to file a claim, it can be denied.” 

Lockton worked with the Notts to select the best provider and coverage. “There are a number of things to consider when insuring homes,” Kama says, “such as adjusting the deductible to keep the premium lower and applying credits for things that reduce risk, like water sensors and an alarm system.”

Other considerations for the Notts during construction were the number of people working on the house and the owners being remote. Homeowners must have the right amount of coverage for these, too. These are all reasons why it’s imperative, Kama says, “to find a broker who’s a partner who will give you good claims counseling for all your needs. Doing research and checking with other homeowners that you trust can help you find the right broker to give you and your family peace of mind.”  


Interior Designer: Lemondrop Home, @lemondrop.home

Project Manager: Woodford Design

Contractor: Fritz Construction


Luxury Homeowners Insurance Cheat Sheet

Kama calls the current situation an “unprecedented hard property market.” Homeowners are experiencing very high premiums and could even face non-renewal. Here are some tips to protect yourself and your family.

•Partner with your broker to get good claims counseling all year long, not just at renewal time.

•Find a broker with a multitude of good carrier relationships so you have lots of options to choose from.

•Be aware that if your carrier feels you have too many claims (as few as two per year), you could have a significant premium increase or be non-renewed.

•In the event of a claim, contact your broker first to see if it is worth filing a claim and how it will impact you in the future.

•Use risk mitigation devices like an automatic water-shutoff valve. Carriers have preferred brands that can save you upward of 8% on your premium.

•Cyber insurance is affordable. Besides covering a hacked PC, some carriers offer coverage for cyber-bullying and social engineering.

•Be certain to understand liability and buy the proper umbrella that covers your entire family and all of your assets. 

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