Winter 2024

Boho Modern Comfort

Warm, inviting textures and colors infuse calm and relaxation in an Olathe home.

Words by Corinne L. Casazza  |  Photos by Caroline Mather


Interior designer Molly Laughlin, owner of Laughlin Design House, went nearly to the ends of the earth to source the perfect items for her Olathe client, shopping at more than 25 different places. “‘One-stop shopping’ is not an expression I use,” she says.

Still, Molly scored the couch on the first try. The owner wanted something formal and funky for the living room sofa. “We bought the first couch we looked at,” Molly notes. “It’s from Four Hands.”

The client wanted long couches with a short profile to maximize the view of the trees. “She loved the fabric and structure of the sofa; it turned out to be one of the family’s favorite pieces,” Molly adds.

Texture and layering bring warmth to the living room. “I am huge into layer, layer, layer,” the designer explains. “Not everything has to match. If you like it, you like it, and you want it in your home, that’s okay. There really are no rules about things having to match. It’s an eclectic mix of what you like, what makes you feel good in the space.”

She also layered the living room with mixed metals—brasses and polished nickel—and lots of warm wood. The pillows and the rug bring texture into the space. Another layer of detail: The pillows are custom-made from the owner’s favorite fabric. “They’re Schumacher pillows with cut fabric,” Molly says. “We sourced the trims elsewhere to make them one-of-a-kind and her own.”

The owner is a creative professional who does humanitarian work, spending a lot of time in her home office. She wants everything in the space to make her feel good. Molly positioned her desk so that she could look out the window and hung artwork behind her with Zoom meetings in mind.

The artwork over the settee was chosen for its bright, happy colors, which meld beautifully with the antique look. Molly reupholstered the settee, keeping it neutral so it could be used if the room were updated later. “We mixed a lot of Boho modern with more transitional [pieces], like the Caracole desk set,” Molly says.

The client challenged the designer to make all the pieces meaningful. “Each piece of artwork has some significance, or memory or a message that resonated with her,” Molly says. “We picked it all out together. Sometimes, it’s okay to just mix it all. In the end, she told me we nailed it.”


Interior Designer: Laughlin Design House,

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