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Summer 2023

The Edge of Art Deco

Words by Andrea Darr  |  Photos by Nate Sheets

Drama and sheen define this classic-with-a-twist kitchen from McCroskey Interiors.


eann Lynn’s Sunset Hill clients came to her adamant about three elements they wanted in their kitchen renovation: black cabinets, a stainless steel fridge and a Lacanche range. Leann, a designer with McCroskey Interiors, converted their opinion on a fourth line item.

But first, to get there, the house needed some extra space. 

“It wasn’t quite big enough and somewhat of an odd configuration, as so many homes are in that area,” Leann says. 

Working with architect Mark McHenry of McHenry Shaffer Architecture and contractor MSC Enterprises, the couple expanded the house with two additions—one for the kitchen and office space and another for an enlarged primary suite. 

“We used every inch of the lot in a smart way,” Leann adds. “The house looks like it belongs—not like a remodel.”

The extra space allowed the owners to fully embrace their time in the kitchen. Because they both love to cook and entertain, they have found a flow together over the years and knew exactly how they needed the new space to function. 

“They had strong opinions about what went where,” Leann says. “It was nice not to have to guess. She does this; he does that. If they turned around, they wanted X there; if they bent down, they wanted Y there.” 

The homeowner had already measured her pots and pans, so Leann didn’t even have to take dimensions of the biggest stockpot or the longest pan. 

At the first meeting, the clients stated that they wanted a black kitchen. “Yes, that’s my love language,” Leann says. 

She is a classicist—but always with a twist. 

“The first rendition looked more French; this is the edge of Art Deco,” she describes. 

The French-built Lacanche range was practically a done deal in the clients’ minds, so Leann ordered it in black—a no-brainer. With traditional gold knobs, a griddle and six burners, it was a dream purchase for the home chefs. Above it, Leann designed a ventilation hood fabricated locally by Gieske Custom Metal. 

“We very rarely order prefab because every ceiling height is different,” she explains. 

Then there was the fridge. It was the third hard-set requirement—and a tough pill for Leann to swallow.

“The homeowners felt strongly about the commercial look. She said to me, ‘You’re not going to like this,’” Leann recalls. 

So Leann upped the ante and devoted an entire wall to stainless steel cabinets around the double-door Sub-Zero fridge. Metal cabinets with glass fronts have hooks inside for hanging the clients’ everyday pots and pans, with stainless drawers underneath.

“I decided to lean in and make it go away,” Leann says. “It has a commercial feel, but it’s still homey.”

While Leann lost the stainless steel battle, she won the countertop war. The homeowners were against marble from the beginning. 

“She said ‘absolutely no’ to marble,” Leann says. “There were a lot of discussions and trips to Carthage Stoneworks.” 

Leann eventually convinced them of marble’s timelessness and design strength. 

“No manmade material was going to give her the look she wanted,” Leann says. “I feared she would be disappointed.” 

The island features mitered slabs and a waterfall edge. “The veining is so good that it needed the continuous edge,” she adds.

Leann also called for a full-height backsplash of Calacatta Oro on the range wall. 

Functionality drove other decisions, such as the change of materials on perimeter counters to Negresco black granite. Granite is harder than marble and better handles grease splatters and heavy-duty use. 

Marble was additionally used in the powder bath and primary bath—spaces that also required a new vision and space planning. Even with concessions from both sides—or maybe especially because of concessions made on both sides—the project ended up being a favorite of Leann’s, and of course, a dream come true for the clients. 

“She let me lead the design process and was open to having her mind changed,” Leann says. “She didn’t shut me down, and I think she shocked herself in a lot of ways.” 


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  • Cinda Koinzan

    Beautiful spaces LeAnn! I'm very impressed with your vision & finished outcome! Keep up the good work! Cinda Koinzan

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