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Winter 2024

Shining Star

By Christine Emming |  Photos by Nate Sheets

Custom Cabinetry is the Shining Star of this 100-Year-Old Home’s Two-Room Reno


icada Co.’s challenge in this 100-year-old home was an efficient, well-planned renovation that preserved the home’s footprint. The entire home had already undergone updates to the plumbing, wiring, insulation, drywall, trim and paint, so design efforts were focused on the kitchen and primary suite bathroom.

The clients, a family of five, brought their inspiration to the project, along with a neutral color palette and a request for easily maintainable natural materials. Cicada’s role was to refine and elevate the clients’ vision.

“We determined that the millwork and custom fabrication were the stars of the show,” says Tara Davis, co-owner of the full-service design and custom-build firm.

From this viewpoint, the team decided to build every cabinet in place. Detailed construction documents and on-site management were used to translate the intended design to the talented carpenters. The project was risky, requiring additional time and attention to detail to ensure tight reveals and minimum gapping—both essential for the overall design. But, thanks to careful planning and skillful execution, everything paid off.

“The woodwork shines [within] a warm and muted surrounding palette. It’s simplified and elevated, which will stand the test of time,” Tara says.

Floor-to-ceiling windows now modify an exterior wall, providing views into the backyard and creating the appearance of space within the small kitchen. Access to the original dining room was blocked off to make room for a hidden pantry necessary for storage. A row of cabinets and integrated appliances unifies the space and focuses attention on the range wall.

“[When] designing the bathroom floor plan, we threw traditional layouts out the window,” Tara says. “Rather than a closed-off en suite, we shrank the bedroom size and created an open extension to the closet and bathroom.”

The his-and-hers closets are now accessible through a beautiful archway, and the bathroom vanity is designed to appear as furniture. Mirrors and cabinet storage—cleverly hidden on each side of the vanity—masterfully create more visual space without adding square footage.


Architect/Builder/Interior Designer: Cicada Co., @cicada_co


Architect/Interior Designer/Builder: Cicada Co. 
Countertops: CKF 
Cabinetry: Bodenhausen Construction 
Tile: Becks Tessellation 
Appliance Install: Luxury Kitchen Solutions 

Appliance Purchase: Ferguson 
Plumbing: Grabill Plumbing 
Flooring: Kimminau Wood Floors 
Hardware: Locks & Pulls /
Painting: Aldo Painting

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