Winter 2024

KC Custom Hardwoods

Words by Megan Litts  |  Photos by Josie Henderson


ince 2017, KC Custom Hardwoods has redefined sustainable furniture through its one-of-a-kind live-edge tables. By collaborating with tree removal companies and the Kansas City Parks and Recreation department, the company not only sources local materials but also gives a new purpose to what would otherwise be discarded.

The creation of live-edge tables is a meticulous yet rewarding journey involving milling, drying and assembly processes that can extend over several months—or even years in some instances, depending on the type of wood. Upon harvesting the material and transporting it to their warehouse, the milling process begins immediately for most wood types to prevent degradation. The slabs then undergo a critical air-drying phase, lasting up to a year before they are ready for the wood kiln. Although the drying period is the most time-consuming aspect of the process, it is essential to ensure the furniture’s durability and integrity.

Once this stage is completed, individuals interested in acquiring a live-edge table can either collaborate with KC Custom Hardwoods’ in-house designers, who craft their unique pieces from prepared wood slabs, or they can select from an inventory of elegant, masterfully crafted tables. Their inventory is extensive, but notably, approximately 75 percent of the wood used in their tables is from black walnut trees. Walnut has an elegant finish and is widely available throughout the Midwest.

With the recent opening of a brand-new showroom near Overland Park, Kansas, the process of ordering and designing the ideal piece has become easier than ever for all who are interested. Committed to sustainability and craftsmanship, KC Custom Hardwoods continues to transform the beauty of nature into functional art.


New Showroom:
7500 W. 160th Street
Stilwell, Kansas

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