Winter 2024

Home Accents By Morgan

Words by Megan Litts  |  Photos by Josie Henderson


he pandemic was a life-changing event for people worldwide, but for Morgan Wieser and her team, the change has been all for the better. Shortly after purchasing a new home with her husband, Morgan unexpectedly lost her job because of the COVID-19 shutdown. Determined to make the most of an unfortunate situation, she set out to prepare her new home for her growing family. Drawing on carpentry skills passed down by her father, Morgan unleashed her creativity by installing unique accent walls. Soon, friends began requesting her assistance with their own homes, and naturally, Home Accents by Morgan was born.

For Morgan and her all-female team, the process of designing and installing accent walls is all about bringing homes to life, transforming even the most basic gray walls into captivating focal points in every room. The purpose of accent walls can vary depending on each client’s vision for a specific wall or room. Certain designs establish a new focal point, while others can make a room feel more spacious, creating the illusion of taller or wider walls. For some, the goal is to infuse a sense of fun and uniqueness into an otherwise blank and empty space.

Starting with a home consultation, Morgan and her team collaborate closely with their clients to visualize and plan custom-made designs. In recognizing that every wall is unique, her team sets up on-site to ensure a perfect fit for every inch of space.

Always open to new ideas and willing to learn, Morgan’s favorite projects often stem from clients’ suggestions. With a slogan like “Empowering Women with Power Tools,” Home Accents by Morgan promotes individuality and creativity through the realm of home design.



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