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Godfrey & Me, your house manager, concierge, and personal assistant all rolled into one


o you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day for all the things you’d like to accomplish? Many busy professionals seeking to elevate their lifestyle and spend their time on the things they want to do have discovered the solution - Godfrey & Me. Offering both monthly subscriptions and episodic help, whatever you may need, consider it done.

Their highly skilled, talented and vetted Godfreys accomplish the things that make your life run more smoothly, such as organizing closets and pantries; scheduling, receiving and putting away grocery delivery; receiving packages; scheduling and managing seasonal household tasks like replacing smoke detector batteries, gutter cleaning and patio furniture storage.

“Finally, there’s a solution to corral the chaos,” notes Godfrey & Me co-founder Doug Wells. “We offer a way to coordinate and manage the details of your life.”

Godfrey & Me is your house manager, concierge, and personal assistant all rolled into one. Programs can be tailored to suit individual needs, such as maintaining a household inventory and noting when frequently used items are running low and restocking. One client may want dry cleaning dropped off and picked up, another may want to come home to fresh bed linens, sorted mail, and a stocked kitchen after a vacation. From laundry and routine home maintenance to weekly car cleaning and scheduling the dog’s grooming, they fill a need. Managing everyday tasks allows clients to focus on hobbies, kids activities, or have more family time.

Through an initial discovery session, Godfrey & Me will get to know a client’s schedule, likes and dislikes, and most importantly, their pain points. They can create a plan to visualize what you want your life to look like, and determine how to make that happen.

“Having a Godfrey takes all those pressure points away for people,” explains Managing Partner Michele Levene, “offering you peace of mind and freedom from the chores that consume your time. You’ll have one point of contact instead of outsourcing tasks to different people. We aim to make your life easier.”

Along with co-founder Marcio Wells, Doug has an eye for design, adding style and extraordinary service delivering a positive and professional experience. “Details are our wheelhouse,” adds Doug. “We take a proactive approach, looking at what needs to be done when, and scheduling it out. We also keep track of all work done to the home, which is a great bonus if clients decide to sell their home,” says Doug.

If you’re ready to stop creating lists and start creating memories, Godfrey & Me may be the answer. For more information on how to unburden your schedule, reclaim your time, and elevate your everyday, contact Godfrey & Me 913.406.6333 or visit


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