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Fine Gardening program keeps your outdoor spaces looking their best. You’ll love the results.

High Prairie Outdoors is not only transforming how Kansas City homeowners define luxury in their outdoor spaces, they continue to provide value by nourishing and maintaining those spaces, as well.

When it comes to investing in exterior improvements and outdoor living spaces, its best to consider that space as part of a process. The process may begin with a design plan and installation, but continues through maintaining those spaces afterwards, a keystone in protecting your investment and ensuring that the space improves over time.

Only at High Prairie will you discover The Legacy Program,a comprehensive source for all aspects of your outdoors, tailored for exceptional results at Kansas Citys finest homes and gardens,” says founder and CEO Robyn Schmitz. After design and construction using methods inspired by European processes, the programs final step is the ongoing care and nourishment of your outdoor spaces by our specialized Fine Gardening and Maintenance Teams.”

The teams manage high-detail fine gardening, turf management, plant healthcare, pool maintenance, and sprinkler optimizing/monitoring so that homeowners dont have to juggle multiple contractors. High Prairie professionals are trained, educated, easy to communicate with, and have cleared national background checks to ensure peace of mind. These year-round team members will become familiar faces caring for clients’ gardens and pools every week.


A local, woman-owned and -operated company, High Prairie differs from other maintenance companies by offering elevated levels of care and detail, protecting the artistic intention of the landscape design through qualified fine gardeners who understand both design and horticulture. Fine gardening programs are not based on how quickly a maintenance visit can be done, but rather by what is needed to help a property achieve the lushest, healthiest plants that thrive in their environment. Fine gardening cultivates and preserves design lines, including how the hedges and bushes are shaped to create smooth layers and visual movement; how bed lines are preserved with smooth transitions; and how ground covers are shaped to mirror the design lines.

Robyn recalls a Mission Hills client who had previously worked with the same maintenance company for over a decade on their three acre garden, and the property had been on a slow, steady decline. It was a difficult decision to make a change, but the prior company wasnt consistently showing up and didnt appear to have enough qualified staff to deliver consistently. The client had invested significant money in a seasonal color program but felt the results were mediocre. High Prairie started by doing an intensive detailing of all bed spaces, then reshaping groundcover and shrubs to recapture the design lines that were lost, and began a robust plant healthcare system. The team transformed the seasonal color program by selecting the latest top-performing annuals and combined them with a robust soil building and feeding program for season-long displays of vibrant color. Last, they further enriched the soil for continued health. This transformation occurred over several months and will continue as their garden evolves.

Fine Gardening and The Legacy Program are what keep your outdoor spaces looking their best without the fuss and stress involved with juggling multiple companies. It is how we protect the artistic intention of a design outdoors,” notes Robyn.

If youre ready to love your outdoor spaces, contact High Prairie Outdoors at 816.398.2901, or learn more at

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