Summer 2022

Kid Clients

Words by Andrea Darr

School’s out for summer, and these kids’ rooms look smart, personalized for each youngster.

Photo by Matthew Anderson

Happy Camper


The bohemian look is not just for Millennials. Toddlers like it, too. Sorry, not just toddlers: “She’s four…as she told me several times,” laughs designer Jami Meek.

The homeowner found the hanging swing with the log expander, and Jami built on that theme with the treehouse bed, fairy forest mural and twigs woven into the ceiling light fixtures.

A mini tent—modified with lace to “girl it up”—features a papasan chair cushion for added comfort.


Photo by Matthew Anderson

Star-Studded Dreams

When baby number four came along, everyone in the household had to adjust. She kicked her older brother out of his room and spread out in his former space. Designer Jami Meek added trim molding to the walls for an elegant nursery backdrop.

“I’ve been obsessed with this shape forever,” Jami says. “Obviously I couldn’t interview the baby to find out what she wanted, so this fits the mom.”

A starburst mirror affixed behind the crib mimics the golden glow of stars on the wallpapered ceiling. “We had to add a liner underneath so no texture would show through,” Jami notes.

Curtains hung at ceiling height make the room feel taller, while the beaded fixture keeps the light low for those middle-of-the-night intercessions.


Photo by Matthew Anderson

Floral Foundation

We aren’t sure which is more delightful: the spacious bedroom or the little reading nook! Both belong to a nine-year-old girl who wanted a grown-up look for her new room.

An oversized peel-and-stick mural sets the scene, while a hanging egg chair shares the spotlight. A whimsical dandelion light hangs above a four-poster bed.

Designer Jami Meek’s assistant Keegan Funk took creative control of the closet space, affixing giant paper flowers to the wall and stringing fairy lights for a magical hideaway.

“That’s her favorite area,” Jami says.


Photos by Amber Deery

Aiming High

This seven-year-old boy might have the stereotypical blue walls as a base color, but the bold painted stripes were selected for a very personalized reason: Each color represents the child’s favorite Pokémon characters. 

“I had to meet with a teenager to help me understand the characters and find their exact shades!” says designer Twyla Elmore of Bleu Grace Designs.

She was willing to go to such lengths because kids’ rooms are special to her.

“Every child needs a space they can identify with, that makes them feel safe in the world,” Twyla says. “They internalize so much, and their own space is where they can be expressive and encouraged.”

The inspirational quote Twyla stenciled on the wall is the same one that was in her own son’s room. The wood stars affixed to the wall wrap around the corner to the other side, where a camper tent offers a private hiding space for the avid reader.

He’s also just as happy to swivel in the Orbit Spitfire chair from RH.

Photos by Amber Deery

Sophisticated Student

Kids grow up fast, so when it comes to their rooms, designs that can evolve and furnishings that will last are top of mind for designer Twyla Elmore.

“Timeless and classic are my foundation always, but I like to put a bit of Twyla on it,” she says. “We won’t have to look for furniture again until she leaves for college!”

Fortunately, her nine-year-old client offered her the chance to create a design that’s both pretty and purposeful.

The walls are painted in neutral Fleur de Sel from Sherwin-Williams, with mixed metals sprinkled throughout—most prominently the stenciled accent wall behind the bed, which Twyla did herself.

“I’m passionate about the details,” she says. “What you might not notice makes my heart beat.”

The mini Versailles chair is a definitive statement piece, while a child-sized sofa doubles as a bed for the family’s French bulldog. A framed dog photo adds whimsy, and fuzzy pillows add texture.

Photo by Matthew Anderson

In a Galaxy of His Own

The force is strong with this one. For a little boy who loves all things related to outer space, there was a single franchise that stood out in his mind when it was time to decorate his room. Designer Jami Meek describes the new look as “preppy Star Wars,” all the colors of the room tied together with a blocky rug.

Death Star–themed wallpaper forms an accent wall behind the bed, while a neon movie sign found on Etsy takes it over the top. Globes, hanging planets and a telescopic light fixture round out the astronomy theme.

Jami designed built-in shelves to display his LEGO collection and placed an old trunk at the foot of the bed to hide away other toys.

Photo by Matthew Anderson

Contented Princess

Not many elementary-age kids have a room as sophisticated as their parents—but this nine-year-old does! Designer Jami Meek’s young client told her she wanted something older than herself. Oh, and also “a house for my kitties,” when she didn’t even have cats yet!

Wish granted on both fronts.

Jami created a feature wall using molding behind the four-poster bed. She also used that effect on a window seat, which she then cozied up with a large-scale floral mural on the inset. Teal curtains on the outset create privacy.

The room has a French vibe from the beaded chandelier and fleur-de-lis tapestry rug. Vintage wall mirrors and a scalloped velvet desk chair further distinguish the space.

Photo by Matthew Anderson

Hobby Heaven

Teenage boys aren’t known to care about decorating their rooms, but a few simple details upgraded this young man’s new room in the basement after he gave up his upstairs room for his baby sister’s nursery.

The most impactful part of the design is the palm tree mural behind his bed. Its California vibe complements his love for skateboarding.

Designer Jami Meek painted the other half of the wall black to make a display of his skateboards pop when they are hung, ready to be pulled off the wall with ease when he wants to use them. The light fixture and furniture also pull in the black with their industrial style.

Part of a musical family, the young man needed space for his guitar, sound equipment and record player. Jami designated a corner by his desk for this purpose, along with framed School of Rock posters.

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