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Keith Sauro


What is your publishing background? 

My father was in printing with GSA as I was growing up and I was able to spend time at his plant. I never met anyone who took so much pride in his job as my father did. 

At the age of 24, I answered an employment ad for an account executive position with Relocating in Kansas City. This company also published Kansas City Homes & Gardens. I found that I loved working with small businesses and that I had a good ear for listening and problem solving. I then was asked to help the company expand. My wife and I moved to Las Vegas to launch Relocating in Las Vegas during the boom—my first publisher role. I continued to sharpen my skill set and understanding of publishing. When my son Evan was born, we wanted to find a way to get back to KC, and I was approached by the Ashley Group, a division of Cahners Publishing, to launch The Kansas City Home Book, a hard cover annual luxury design book. After two years—and a very successful launch—I was asked to come back to KCH&G as Publisher. My life has now come full circle. All those previous experiences and design products I managed and created helped formulate what designKC is today. 

What is your favorite issue?

Every issue is always exciting. When I pick up the first issue at the printer, it still feels like Christmas every time. However, for me, our premier issue will always be my favorite. To take something from concept to inception is an amazing feeling, and it will always have a warm spot in my heart!

What is your home’s design style?

I am a minimalist. I hate clutter—although you can’t always tell that from my office! I even have a hard time putting things on the walls. I like clean and simple, but lots of color.

Where and how do you like to spend time at home?

I absolutely love my primary bedroom, bath and shower. Not that I spend all my time there, but every morning it makes me happy getting ready for the day.

If you could live anywhere, where and what would your dream home be?

Laguna Beach, California, right on the water. When I lived in Las Vegas, we would drive the high desert several times a year and enjoy Laguna.

If you could make your current home better, what would you do? 

Raise my basement ceiling so I could have a golf simulator.

What are your best memories of home when growing up? 

I was born into an Italian family in Boston. I was raised in East Boston, and my memories of Sunday dinners with my whole family are some of the fondest memories of my life. As a result, I love to entertain and cook. Growing up, we didn’t have much, but we didn’t do without. My parents were great providers.

Do you have a personal motto or life philosophy? 

The world is round. You get back what you put out. I live and die by that motto.