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Design Detail

Shades of Light

This one-of-a-kind light fixture serves as the focal point of the home. At the outset of its inception, the project’s design, transportation and maintenance challenges provided creative opportunities for the design-build team.

One challenge was adapting the light fixture to the scale of the stairway: the fixture had to be very large in proportion yet easily moved for maintenance. A talented artisan from Boise Art Glass custom-made the light fixture piece by piece. Ashner’s team developed a structure to house the work of art—while concealing the mechanics behind the piece—to ensure its beauty and functionality in the long term. The fixture can move up and down so it can be cleaned and maintained.

The artisan transported the glass pieces from Idaho and arranged each piece individually, resulting in a composition perfectly matched to the space. Each piece can be replaced as needed to ensure the longevity of this work of art.


Ashner Construction


Matt Kocourek


Lighting Fixture: Boise Art Glass

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