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Interior Project: Single Space

Loch Lloyd Lower Level

For this lower-level renovation, the clients wanted to create a warm, modern space to comfortably entertain a large group. The project team’s challenges included limiting renovations to the space’s existing footprint and accommodating the sump pump. As a workaround, the team removed square footage from two storage areas and an existing powder room to allocate more space to the updated layout. Then, after removing the staircase balusters, they installed a 36-inch wing wall to extend out the wine room.

To accommodate a large TV, the project team moved the fireplace to the left and added spacious drawers underneath for storage. For added refinement, they enhanced the bar area with modern cabinetry, a stylish back-bar design and a curved ceiling treatment. Matching banquettes were also added on both sides of the bar to conceal the sump pump.

The powder room, now repositioned closer to the pool table, features a floating marble sink, a backlit mirror and a discreetly positioned urinal within a vestibule. This unique vestibule design adds space and enhances the feeling of openness with a glass transom, creating an airier atmosphere.


Cecil & Ray Homes

Interior Designer

SID & Company


Bob Greenspan


Accessories, Art, Antiques and Furnishings: SID & Company Fabrication: Carthage Stoneworks Fireplace: International Materials of Design Cabinets: Parks Cabinets

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