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A Serene Retreat

This 1995 bathroom needed some major updating to enhance accessibility and storage and produce the overall aesthetic of a serene spa. The tub took up one entire end of the room, while a small fiberglass pan shower occupied a corner space. The room was amply sized, yet storage space was almost non-existent. The toilet room door took up even more square footage in an already small room.

To kick off the remodel, the project team annexed a section of the attic, gaining nine square feet, which provided the room needed for a spacious two-person shower with a lowered subfloor for curbless entry. They installed multiple grab bars, a hidden storage niche and a heated floor in the room, including inside the shower. They also substituted pocket-entry doors and moved the door opening to allow space for the freestanding tub and storage niche. Meanwhile, the toilet room was fitted with grab bars and wall cabinet storage. The lack of storage was resolved with a generous linen cabinet, toilet room storage, multiple drawer stacks in the vanity, recessed medicine cabinets, pull-out trash receptacles at each sink and an interior appliance plug strip.

The large marble-esque porcelain tile now wraps the room’s bath and shower end, creating an elegant feel. The champagne-bronze plumbing fixtures and lighting—particularly the sculptural chandelier—add an elegant, rich finish. The clean architectural lines and neutral color palette create the spa-like environment the owners envisioned.


Gartman Remodeling


Deatherage Home Designs


Amber Dawkins


Cabinets: R&R Home Improvement  Plumbing Fixtures: Grandview Winnelson  Windows: Open & Shut KC

Floor plans, Drawings, Elevations:

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