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Outdoor space

Container Poolooza

A fresh take on a popular trend, this ambitious renovation project included multiple stages: exterior grading, pool and privacy fence additions, landscaping and hardscaping and, lastly, furnishings and finishes. At the heart of this outdoor oasis is a shipping container pool, along with a fire pit and space for games and lounging.

The shipping container pool—the project’s central feature—presented the greatest challenge. In preparation for its delivery, the design-build team poured a concrete foundation to house the prefabricated pool and extend its longevity. The pool was later crane-lifted over the house and set inside the concrete foundation, thus, the design details were crucial to making this project work.

The partially underground pool functions as a retaining wall, helping create multiple levels of flat space in the yard. Working with the natural grade and slope of the lot, along with the city easements, the team layered the site with a concrete planter, multi-level decking, landscaping and more. Finishing touches, like the retro-inspired terrazzo and classic striped umbrella, gives the space an industrial, vintage vibe.


Cicada Co.

Landscape Architect

Jeffrey Preuss Landscapes


Nate Sheets


Flooring: Beck’s Tessellation  Pool: Modpools

Floor plans, Drawings, Elevations:

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