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Custom New Build over 10,000 square feet/Project of the Year

Daring Prairie

A true labor of love. The clients had been planning this home on private property for seven years when the design team was brought onboard. Taking their time to get the vision and budget right, they wanted to create a modern home that was not sterile and felt like a family home.

Plans were created long before the interiors were determined, so it was fun and a challenge to get everything into a layout that was unique. The staircases and windows required large-scale lighting. Besides needing a gathering space for family and friends, the owners entertain large groups for fundraisers and required space for this.

Custom light fixtures were designed for the large spaces in the home, along with a custom table that seats 18 in the basement level. A catering kitchen was created just off this entertaining space, and the elevator is situated to give chefs the best access to create their meals. An indoor pool was built for family fun and entertainment.

Every detail was considered with the clients in mind. The result is an aesthetic that feels modern and cozy and accommodates the family’s hobbies of cooking, wine collecting and beekeeping.


Wolfgang Trost Architects


Cecil & Ray Homes


Noble Designs

Photos by

Nate Sheets


Real Estate Agent: Cami Jones – Reese Nichols  Appliances: Blue Star  Cabinets: Gillpatrick Woodworks. Furnishings: Noble Designs To the trade Showrooms: KDR  Plumbing Fixtures: Briggs  Lighting Fixtures: Wilson Lighting, Hubbarton Forge, Rock Cottage Glassworks  Wall Coverings: Porter Teleo  Window Coverings: J Geiger

Floor plans, Drawings, Elevations

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