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Custom New Build 6,001 to 10,000 square feet

Hotel-Like Luxury

The overall goal for this custom home was to bring a sense of modern Prairie style, instilling a feeling of the past with common sense for the future. The homeowner emphasized the concept of a modern luxury hotel—warm and inviting with clean lines. The design team chose limestone and rift oak throughout the home to contrast each other in a warm, earth-tone feeling.

Balance and scale are always a challenge with this size of home. The grand scale of the architecture needed to feel appropriate with the lot setting. Inside, the large rooms needed to feel inviting and usable. To help with the scale, they designed taller, modern moldings that incorporated the rift oak and a recessed metal channel that supported the home’s clean, modern-yet-classic sensibility.

Finding furniture to fit the scale of the home presented a challenge as well. To establish the feeling of a luxury hotel, they brought uniformity to the project, instilling each room with a sense of balance and symmetry with selections that included matching nightstands in every bedroom, benches at the foot of every bed in a similar fabric, and pairs of lamps. The concept required calmness and luxury—nothing too chaotic or eclectic. All the woodwork has the same finish throughout, and only two paint colors were used in the home—two shades of white. Oversized floor lamps, coffee tables and a grand, modern chandelier fill the space without overpowering it.


NSPJ Architects


RM Standard Construction

Interior Designer

M. Sudermann Interior Design

Photos by

Aaron Leimkuehler


Cabinets: Profile Cabinet  Showrooms: SID & Company

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