Spring 2023

True Vintage

Words by Andrea Glinn |  Photos by Brynn Burns

How to find authentic mid-century modern artifacts for the home.

Sourcing authentic mid-century modern furniture and accessories in Kansas City is not much of a challenge, thanks to the bounty of local vendors who do all the hard work of scouting and obtaining amazing artifacts for you! Because MCM relics are abundant, there are plenty of retail options at competitive prices and scouring Facebook Marketplace for deals might not be worth the hassle. Also, purchasing from legitimate dealers versus unverified individuals provides a level of accountability for the seller to be honest. If you are concerned with whether an item is a knock-off, new reproduction or an original antique and you can’t tell by looking, just ask the seller. Collectors love the opportunity to talk about their goods!

Don’t pay high dollar for items without original tags or stickers; use online resources such as Chairish and 1stDibs as a pricing reference. There are a wide range of prices when shopping for antiques dependent not only on the condition of the item but on the notoriety of the manufacturer and designer. Typically, you should find local prices to be lower than what is online because sellers appreciate moving inventory without the hassle of shipping, and of course Midwestern prices are always lower than what you find on the coasts in larger urban markets where the demand is higher. 

MCM furnishings add charm and depth to a room by their inherently playful design, quality of materials and lively colors. Whether you are a purist or eclectic decorator, consider purchasing a cool, vintage treasure from one of these amazing resale shops found right here in KC!

Retro Inferno

By appointment and online inquiries at retroinferno.com

1500 Grand Blvd.


Urban Mining Vintage Market

Open First Friday Weekends

3111 Gillham Road



Open weekends

3109 Gillham Road



Hare and Arrow at Urban Mining 

Pop-up and Artist Exhibits



Warehouse Weekends
and by appointment


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