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Sid & Co

Sid & Co

Mark has been a successful interior designer for over 20 years in both Atlanta and Kansas City. Prior to SID & Company, Mark’s eclectic design style of mixing vintage with modern had only been appreciated by his clients. In order to fill the design need for unique furniture pieces and accessories Mark and his wife Jean-Anne started searching out vintage pieces to have on hand.

In fact, They have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. Even when dating they would prefer to hit the flea markets and antique shops rather than go to dinner and a movie. So, they kept collecting over time, and as Mark and Jean-Anne say “you collect until it becomes a problem, then you open a shop.” In 2008, with a design office busting at the seams with one-of-a-kind treasures as well as the support and encouragement of family and clients, the idea to open SID & Company was born. Since opening its doors the couple’s passion for the hunt has only grown greater and they look forward to sharing it with you!

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