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An Architectural Design Firm in Overland Park, KS, for Your Dream Home

At Bickford and Company, we partner with you on the journey that sees visions of your dream home become a reality. We are an architectural design firm in Overland Park, KS that serves our clients with custom home design, remodeling services, and room additions. Homeowners throughout the region and across the nation have trusted us since 1979, and we’re ready to help you today as well.

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Our mission is to create spaces that inspire and enhance the quality of life for our clients, by combining functionality with high quality custom designs.


Architecture is not just a service, but a true passion. For Hufft, architecture shapes our daily lives – both personally and professionally. We dive in to every project head first. Our aim is for every design solution to create spaces that are not only personalized and functional, but also exceptional. This type of thinking makes what we do a way of life, for us, and for our clients. The process must absorb us, and it does.


Interior Design enhances the built environment. There are multiple layers to interior design services and all layers are equally important. Our designers take time to ask the right questions. They examine all elements of a project from a deep understanding of a project’s program to the origins of materials for furniture selection. Hufft Interior designers and fabricators often collaborate on feature installations and custom furniture pieces as a natural extension of our commitment to practice integration.


We believe in craft. Whether we are constructing display tables for a retail environment or a piece of hardware for a single door, we treat each object we produce with the same level of care and detail. We approach each object as an experience, testing the way a surface feels to the touch, the way a finish reflects light. Because we are making the objects our clients interact with the most, no detail is too small to consider. We take great satisfaction in delivering work that, not only meets our clients’ needs, but also elicits joy.

MMH - Madi Mali Homes

Troy is the creative “Captain” of the Madi Mali Homes team. Originally from the Midwest, he graduated with degrees in Architecture and Construction Management from Indiana State University and has been a design junky since the early age of 9. After graduating and performing various jobs as a Job Coordinator, Project Estimator and Overland Park Building Inspector, Troy opened MMH in 2003. Specializing in custom homes, he believes that every project should be exceptional, unique and reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. He is intimately involved in every aspect of design and construction, and is very careful to properly schedule so each project will receive his precise attention. Troy’s creative eye has also led the company into the Interior Design and Consulting market with the completion of total home re-designs, furnishings, office spaces, lower-level finishes, pools and cabanas and many charitable events and home tours. Constantly featured in Kansas City magazines for his award-winning designs, his vision and dedication guarantee a bright future for this diverse and accomplished firm.


Since the firm’s inception, NSPJ Architects has provided comprehensive architectural design and site planning services on over 5,000 buildings and projects, encompassing a diverse range of project types and complexities.

The firm employs an energetic and creative staff of architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and planners with extensive experience all aspects of designing buildings and developments.

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We are an architecture and design studio built for the 21st century. We work with communities and organizations looking to maximize their impact through considered design.


When it is your dream, design matters.

Designing both new homes and remodel/additions is not only our specialty but our passion. While every project is unique, our dedication to each client relationship and project is constant. The strength of this firm’s design work is fostered by the highest standards of excellence throughout the design process. A multitude of design awards confirms our relentless commitment to architectural design quality. The firm is also active in commercial projects which include tenant finish, office buildings, retail centers, and multifamily development.

The integrity of our professional service is based upon the strength of three fundamental components.

  • Understanding the client. It is all about understanding the lifestyles, needs, sense of style and even the dreams that are so unique to each of the individuals that we serve.
  • Dedication to the artistry of architecture. The strength of the firm’s design philosophy is rooted upon creating unique plans united with dynamic exteriors, resulting in a product that is functional, creative, striking and most importantly, an ultimate expression of the individual’s personality.
  • Technical expertise. Our construction documents are widely recognized in the industry as being most accurate and thoroughly executed. This translates into highly accurate bids and a more efficient construction process for you, the client.

Whether you prefer a design solution that is elegantly traditional or refined contemporary, our personal commitment to the success of your project in all aspects will allow you to experience what we believe is excellence in architectural design crafted to your personal tastes.

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