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Live-edge wood furniture adds an organic touch to interior design. 

Have you been searching for a way to bring the outdoors to your indoors? How about live-edge furniture? Live-edge tables have a natural edge on at least one side—rather than a sharp, clean cut—retaining the natural beauty and distinctive pattern of the wood’s grain.

KC Custom Hardwoods specializes in this unique treatment using locally salvaged lumber. They work with tree companies and the city of Kansas City to gather trees that have been cut down or fallen due to storms or disease. Even damaged or less-than-perfect wood slabs can be filled with epoxy as an artistic touch.

“We use walnut wood frequently. It is popular due to its grain and color—and it’s a common tree in Kansas City,” says Nick Bianco, who co-owns the business with Jeff Perry and Jay Norris.

They also stock slabs of black walnut, cherry, oak, elm and maple, among others.

Their in-house process starts with lumber that is cut into slabs, sanded and kiln-dried. The end product could be a coffee table, conference table, desk, bar top or even barn doors. A full-time 3-D model designer can help clients create anything.

The company’s artisans are dedicated to their craft, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art for the home or office. These heirloom-quality pieces are built to stand the test of time—backed by a lifetime warranty.

Founded in 2009, KC Custom Hardwoods has grown from a boutique business to more than 20 employees. Their new Stilwell, Kansas, showroom, located at 159th and Highway 69, is open to the public. They also frequently partner with designers to create unique and show-stopping pieces of furniture that can range from traditional to modern. Pieces can be delivered locally or shipped coast to coast.

Contact KC Custom Hardwoods at 913.735.0123, or learn more at

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