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Introducing Kansas City to World Class Artists


rairiebrooke Arts has been introducing Kansas City to world class artists and beautiful art since 1990. A second-generation, woman-owned company, Prairiebrooke has curated collections for exquisite homes and commercial projects throughout the metro.

Their gallery in downtown Overland Park showcases hundreds of local, regional, and national works from established as well as emerging artists. President/Owner Megan Hoban notes, “We bring the best artists to Kansas City so clients don’t have to go to big cities.”

Their highly anticipated Spring Trunk Show on May 5th and 6th is a prime example, featuring the works of renowned artist Noah Desmond from Santa Fe, New Mexico. This will be the first show with Noah in attendance and collectors are excited to meet him.

“Inspired by nature, Noah has an impressionistic style that borders the edge of abstraction by creating landscapes with bold colors and a sense of movement that draw you deep into the work. His energetic compositions are rendered with vibrant color, vitality, and spontaneity.” His bio also describes his heavily textured canvases as “created by layering pigments with both palette knife and brush, resulting in exciting landscapes rich in depth and vibrancy.” Noah’s painterly approach and freshness have earned him a place in corporate as well as private collections.

Experienced Prairiebrooke consultants connect clients to art that reflects the clients’ style, putting a personal touch on a favorite room or filling a home with beautiful art to make a statement. In a world full of mass-produced home décor and big box stores, it is the local gallery that provides the unique experience of buying something truly one of a kind for the home. Prairiebrooke offers complimentary in-home appointments to try a piece in its intended space.

“Original art sets a home apart. It tells the story of you and your family. You can make your home an original. No one else will have the same artwork,” said Megan. “We strive to make art buying an enjoyable experience for both the first-time buyer as well as a seasoned collector. Everything comes together with beautiful art.”

Art is just as important in a corporate setting as it is in a home. Prairiebrooke Arts has extensive experience designing a collection that reflects the client’s brand, image, and style. Megan is a trusted name among some of Kansas City’s top designers and a true visionary when it comes to corporate interiors. She has curated collections for countless offices, residences, and spaces throughout the area.

Also offering a custom framing division where each piece is conservation framed, Prairiebrooke is proud to have the only framers in Kansas City certified by the Professional Picture Framers Associations (PPFA). “We handle every piece like a Van Gogh,” Megan adds.

For more information about Prairiebrooke Arts or their Spring Trunk Show, visit or call 913.341.0333.

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