Fall 2021

Surprise Inside

Written by Jessica Bahr  |  Photos by Matthew Anderson


ouses are a lot like people. Judging from the outside, you might think you know what to expect—but given a chance to peek inside, you’re blown away. Jami Meek’s breathtaking design at a Pfeifer Home model in Lake Winnebago’s newly expanded community does exactly that.

This home is Pfeifer’s Riviera 3550, a popular reverse one-and-a-half-story plan that was a Pick of the Parade winner in 2019. Along with Pfeifer’s reputation for quality builds, people may expect a more traditional feel inside their homes. The surprise at the Lake Winnebago model is a rustic-modern twist on tradition.

“Our partnership has been fun, and it’s pushed me to do something different,” Jami says. “It’s a good fit, and that rustic quality is what brings us together.”

Initially, Jami was leaning toward more blues and a coastal vibe. But as her design took shape, the reclaimed wood, lighter stains, and earth-tone palette revealed an elegant, understated take on the lake lifestyle. There are so many thoughtful details that it looks as though the home’s been curated over years of European travel.

Her favorite model has a Belgian sensibility mingled with the simple lines of modern furniture and patterns. Jami herself lives in a 100-year-old house at a different lake community, and she draws on the inspiration of older homes to add character to a new build.

This includes doorways that are a bit talleradding to the breezy feelingand details like a herringbone feature wall in the primary bedroom and a sliding barn door between kitchen and pantry.

Speaking of the pantry, the gorgeous charcoal-green cabinet color is a new choice for Jami. “I went back and forth between about 20 different greens,” Jami says. “Designers tend to stick with certain colors because we know they work. So this color was a risk for me.”

The living room’s cozy neutrals, sleek accent furniture, and natural accessories are a perfect blend of Pfeifer Home’s traditional and Jami’s modern aesthetics.

It’s a risk that certainly pays off. The earthy green shows up in other cabinetry throughout the house and pairs perfectly with the warm white oak tones, white sofas, leather furniture and sea-grass accessories.

This Lake Winnebago model was Jami’s second design for Pfeifer. Jumping in after the previous designer retired from a 30-year career with the family company, Jami wants to maintain the high standards set by her predecessor as she incorporates her own perspective. “My philosophy is always to listen to the client, which for this model home is Pfeifer,” Jami says. “I wanted to make sure that it’s something they love.”

Jami now has many Pfeifer models and custom homes going at the same time, each one to be stamped with Pfeifer’s signature plan and Jami’s creative touch. Hopefully, for us, that means many more surprises to come.


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The kitchen’s range alcove feels like a seasoned European hearth. Jami sourced the beam from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber and chose an overgrout technique to give the manufactured stone a hewn look.

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