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  Public Place or Commercial Space
Project Name
  Flooring is Art and a Gallery to Prove It
Project Address
  14101 Norby Road
Grandview, Missouri 64030
United States
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Homeowner’s Approval
  I have notified and the homeowner is aware that their home is being submitted and may be published in print and online.
Project vision or goals

This was our second showroom for this client and they had been thrilled with the first one. Their business continued to grow and they needed a new space that would fit their needs. A large warehouse space was purchased and was a total blank slate. They needed a space that would work as an office for their team, warehouse for the crew, and a breathtaking showroom for clients to visit and make selections. The owner was also looking for a space that would work for hosting large scale events.

Project challenges
  This project brought with it many complex challenges. The biggest one was the space planning that needed to happen in order for the completed project to be appropriate for the needs of the company, both now and in the future. Commercial code requirements also came into play. The other main challenge was taking a large open space and making it feel welcoming and inviting.

Showroom Needs:
-Reception area for showroom staff that also makes a great first impression
-Two offices for showroom and management employees
-Multiple “library” spaces to organize different types of materials
-Space for 5-6 meetings to comfortably occur simultaneously
-Lighting to showcase the flooring samples and client materials
-Product sample storage
-Conference room for large client and vendor meetings
-Public facing bathrooms suitable for large events
-Large kitchen for entertaining and catering

Sales Office Needs:
-Separate from showroom but easy access to assist with clients when needed
-Flexibility for growth over time
-Meeting/conference room to hold both the sales team but also the work/warehouse crew
-Administrative offices and two upper level CEO offices
-One CEO office to have a changing space/shower for going from working out in the field to preparing for events or sales meetings
-Access to the warehouse
-Mechanical Room
-Server Room

Warehouse Needs:
-Vehicle storage
-Receiving for materials and storage
Project solutions
  The final solution entailed a public facing showroom on the main level, with a second floor mezzanine that housed the sales and administrative offices. This allowed for the back half of the building to be allocated for the warehouse. Our primary focus became the public facing portion after the program of spaces and their adjacencies were defined.

Clients are greeted at the center of the showroom with a grand reception desk, poised in front of a wooden slat wall highlighted by decorative pendants dropping down at various heights. From there, three product “libraries'' were arranged to allow for the separation of various types of flooring for easier organization, presentations, and client meetings. Large islands were incorporated throughout the showroom, spotlit by individual pendants, for the times when extra meeting spaces are needed. These islands are also great surfaces for serving food and presenting materials during events, giving back to the flexibility this showroom desired. Alongside the islands, a lounge area was designed to sit adjacent to a large entertaining kitchen. The soft seating parallel to the kitchen brings in the warmth of home by giving clients the ability to fully relax in a public setting. The kitchen was a fun opportunity to re-use what had been the showstopper in the previous showroom – a 22’ x 4' 3 " island we designed with a custom wood countertop that has a stunning waterfall edge. This island serves as a large meeting area for the entire team (showroom, sales, and warehouse) to gather as well as the ultimate buffet for large events. The kitchen has everything needed to host events but also is the perfect place to welcome a client with a coffee or cool beverage.

Throughout the showroom, the materials that were selected serve as a backdrop to the numerous array of flooring samples, allowing them to feel curated without standing out against their surroundings. The overall look we were striving to achieve was the feel of a gallery – homogenous and striking at the same time. Wide plank english oak flooring was selected to run throughout the entire showroom, giving us an elegant, yet breathtaking foundation to layer off of. The walls are a clean canvas of bright white and the ceiling painted out black to simply disappear; giving the suspended ceilings a chance to bring down additional lighting. Providing enough lighting in the double height space was always a concern of ours. Numerous pendants float down in conjunction with a variety of can and track lighting to ensure all corners of the showroom are properly lit. Within the main space, unique vertical stands, designed and constructed from steel, helped bring down the scale of such a large space to a more refined and intimate gathering area. These pieces that have both the functionality of art and room division, are a perfect way to showcase the endless possibilities of applications this high end flooring company can provide its clients.
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