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  Interior Project
Project Name
  Moody Blue Lounge
Project Address
  14557 Sherwood
Leawood, Kansas 66224
United States
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Homeowner’s Approval
  I have notified and the homeowner is aware that their home is being submitted and may be published in print and online.
Project vision or goals

This family wanted a dramatic and welcoming space to entertain, and had plenty of room in their partially finished basement to accommodate their needs. The upper level of the home is bright, and we liked the idea of bringing in deep, rich tones for a dramatic contrast to make it unique! The upper level is also open and airy so, in contrast, we wanted to break up the rather large basement space to give each zone a separate, cozy, and intimate feel but also retain a sense of flow. They wanted a bar, lounge, family room, wine room, movie lounge, pool table space, poker room and home gym with a sauna. This is a long list with many different functions so implementing a cohesive design with an intentional layout was critical.

Project challenges
  The main challenge for this space was the sheer size. On one hand it was helpful due to the long list of different functions that needed to be accommodated, but we didn't want the basement to feel vast. Cozy and inviting is challenging in large spaces. We were also dealing with a lot of odd ceiling height changes and trying to make them feel deliberate. Lastly, the client wanted us to incorporate the furniture they brought from their previous home as well as to work with the existing LVT flooring that had been installed in the space by the previous homeowner. We also challenged ourselves to give each space its own individual personality, while always keeping a cohesive thread to tie all of them together.
Project solutions
  Taking into account the flow, adjacencies, and site lines, we designed the layout of the space. An example of this is the location of the bar as you enter the basement. We felt it would make the perfect first impression. We took advantage of some of the beams and soffits that had been an issue and used them to delineate the spaces. One example is the deep teal transition between the lounge and the family room area. The soffit was widened and two niches were incorporated into the side walls. This was the perfect spot for an interesting focal point…we will touch on this later! For the overall flow you move from the bar to the lounge and then the family room and pool table spaces. Then the movie lounge takes your breath away and has a view back to the bar and wine room. As you move down the hall you are surprised by the poker room that has been tucked into its own private corner. Lastly, the home gym takes up the remaining corner of the basement and has easy access to the kitchen via a back stairway.

From there it was about the aesthetic. We took our inspiration from the custom cowhide panels that we designed, incorporating navy blue as an anchor and accents of a rich caramel and vibrant teal. For the bar we incorporated a deep chocolate toned tile and brass shelving, as well as some wood beams and oak cladding to the back side of the bar. The lounge was coated in a deep navy. For those niches that we had incorporated into the pass through that leads to the family room we brought in custom caramel cowhide panels in a geometric design with custom cowhide dartboards for a fun accent. The family room with its gunmetal tone and wood beams then flows to the pool table space and is accented by a caramel ceiling and beams. For the movie lounge, the major focal point is the large cowhide panel on the back wall in an organic floral design. The large screen is flanked by wood shelving to tie back to the beams that are seen throughout the lower level. Teal walls and millwork with a dark navy ceiling are accented with indirect lighting for the perfect ambiance. We were able to bring in a large sofa in a camel tone for a bright contrast. From here you can also admire the wine room. If you manage to leave this space you can venture down the back hallway with its stunning pendant fixtures that nest between additional wood beams to make your way to the poker room. We chose a warm tone and coated every surface of this room and love how it serves as the perfect place to display their Chiefs memorabilia! For the gym we painted the walls in a dark gray with a black floor allowing the room to disappear when the lights are off. We hid the sauna behind wood door panels.

The design allows each space to have a distinct feel while also tying into the overall vibe we were looking to achieve. Once you make your way to this moody blue lounge it is hard to leave!
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