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  Design Detail
Project Name
  Steeped In Tradition
Project Address
  12301 Alhambra
Leawood, Kansas 66209
United States
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Homeowner’s Approval
  I have notified and the homeowner is aware that their home is being submitted and may be published in print and online.
Project vision or goals

To create a dining room that would envelope those enjoying the space and encourage them to linger and engage with one another. We were to incorporate the homeowner’s dining room table that had been in the family for generations.

Project challenges
  We were challenged by the traditional elements of the space. These items included a custom built-in with an english feel as well as dentil moulding at the ceiling. We also had minimal natural lighting as the windows faced west and were blocked by another wing of the home.
Project solutions
  Instead of fighting the items that challenged us we embraced them. By painting out the built-in and crown in a dramatic green they served to emphasize the design. We also leaned into the dark feel of the space by bringing in even darker finishes and moody indirect lighting.

The real show stopper was the design detail of the custom wall and ceiling finishes. We collaborated with a local artist to incorporate a Kintsugi inspired design on the walls.

Kintsugi is the process of repairing ceramics with lacquer and gold. This leaves a gold seam where the cracks were and embraces the imperfections.

Alternative sources were considered for this, but we were wanting to bring in more of the gold accents than any of them allowed and we loved the idea of working with a local artist. This also allowed for us to select the perfect mix of greens for the background. The artist worked for over a week to blend in the background colors and then to bring in gold leafing in such dramatic form. A clear coat was added to the gold to protect it. She then came in with a silver finish to the ceiling. We loved the mix of metals in the space and wanted the ceiling to reflect the glow of the lighting we were bringing in. It does just that!

Lastly, we selected a gold chandelier and two sconces with linen shades to blanket the room in a soft warm light.

The homeowner’s art and furniture are at home in this space and so are their friends and family!
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  Matt Kocourek
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  Mattew Kocourek Photography
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  (913) 484-2814
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