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  Design Detail
Project Name
  Shades of light
Project Address
  19185 flint st
Overland Park, Kansas 66083
United States
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Homeowner’s Approval
  I have notified and the homeowner is aware that their home is being submitted and may be published in print and online.
Project vision or goals

The projects vision was to create a one-of-a-kind lighting experience that would serve as the focal point for the home.

Project challenges
  Some of the challenges for this project included the scale of the stairway. In order to make the light fixture really a moment it needed to be very large. And if the light fixture is large, and detailed it needed to be able to move in the space so that parts and light bulbs could be cleaned and replaced as needed. For this specific fixture there also needed to be thought of design elements as well as transportation and installation of the fixture. Timing also posed challenges, the artisan who helped us in making this masterpiece lives in Idaho so the artist would have to come down which all the individual pieces and install them when their schedule allowed, and it happen to be before we would have liked so we needed to protect the fixture while competing construction.
Project solutions
  The solution for finding the right fixture to match the scale of the space was teaming up with a talented artisan to custom make a light fixture that would serve as our focal point. Then it was up to our team and the clients to create a vision for the space. Our artisan then started making each piece of the fixture continuing to communicate with us and our clients to make sure everyone was excited about the end result. During this time, we created the structure to house this work of art and the mechanics behind the piece to ensure that it functioned in the long term for our client. We allowed the fixture to move up and down to create the ability for the piece to be cleaned and maintained over time, our artisan then brought the glass pieces down from Idaho. He then individually installed each one creating completely one-of-a-kind composition built specifically for the space. Each piece can be replaced as needed to ensure the longevity of this work of art. Then it was up to us to make sure the piece was protected through the completion of construction.
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  Boise Art Glass
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Photographer Name
  Aaron Bales
Photography Company
  Arron bales photography
Photographer Phone
  (913) 406-3429
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