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  Interior Project
Project Name
  Pink Leopard Dining Room
Project Address
  14320 Juniper Street
Leawood, Kansas 66224
United States
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Homeowner’s Approval
  I have notified and the homeowner is aware that their home is being submitted and may be published in print and online.
Project vision or goals

What is a designer to do when meeting a client for the first time and she says, “I like pink. Pink is my favorite color. Oh, and I love leopard print, too.” Like any good professional designer, first, one should compose themselves as to not frighten the new client with how your heart just leaped out of your chest, and second, you say “I think we can make that work.”

My favorite color is also pink.

It has been a dream of mine to do a pink room. Little did I know when I received the call from this particular client to just help her pick out paint colors for her kitchen cabinets, a year and a half later we would be redoing essentially her entire home. Including her dining room that we took from a dark tuscan space to a chic and glam French salon, complete with draping the room in as much pink velvet leopard print fabric as possible. I wanted to create a space for this wonderful client that would make her smile each time she passed by it. And, I wanted to create a space she would actually want to use. We started from scratch and blank-slated the room. From that we built on her love of all things pink & leopard while incorporating a more masculine dark blue paint color & we also left the previous gold faux painted trim, & gold drapery medallions. New furnishings, rug, buffet table, chandelier, sconces, draperies, and the finished space came together like a chic French salon with a spirit for entertaining! As the French say, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

Project challenges
  As with any project we were up against a few challenges, but as with any project you roll with it and you find the solution. I would say our biggest challenge was finding the perfect fabric print & color to go with the wall color, which had been done before the overall look of the space had been put together. In design it is wonderful when walking into a project & you know it is going to be a blank slate. But many times picking out a wall color can lead to the client realizing how much they love the change and they want to keep it rolling! This particular client chose a deep blue for the walls with the idea that she was going to keep her existing furniture, draperies, and we would just recover the chairs. It turned into us throwing ideas around like, "Well, if we do new chairs then maybe we should do a new table…and maybe a new rug…" So before I knew it we were redoing the whole room, when that had not been the intention in the first place. And not only were we redoing the whole room that you see as soon as you walk through the front door, we were doing it with a dark blue wall color already on the walls. Blue is a beautiful color but I knew we didn't want to play it safe and just do another blue and green dining room. We could have, but it just didn't feel special enough. I knew she was putting this in my hands and it had to be a showstopper!
Project solutions
  Right away I felt we needed to do something special and something different. Something we had not seen before. We incorporated some pink through the rest of the house, but now was our chance to really go for it! When I showed my client the pink leopard print fabric she instantly fell in love. We knew we wanted to use as much of it as possible but also find a corresponding pink to go with it. We looked at dozens of pink fabrics before we settled on just the right one. Some were too pink, too dark, too brown, too coral, too much movement in the velvet when we brushed our hand across it. It really was like Goldie Locks finding just the right one. I knew that the right color was out there, I just had to find her. After sifting through hundreds of pink fabrics, I finally found one that I thought could work. We located the corresponding fabric with the leopard print, but as with all things color, we had to see it in her space, and wouldn't you know it, it was not the right color we were looking for. We needed something with just enough brown undertone to go with the pattern and the wall color. And oh my goodness did we find it! It just took a little time, a little faith, and a whole lot of patience!
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